Festival City's Major Guitar Event

For beginner to advanced players of all ages and styles

3 days of

Workshops, Jamming, Master Classes and Concerts

Hands-on training to educate and inspire You!

September 11th, 12th & 13th

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Located at the VIvint Building in Cedar City

We'll get started Thursday and Friday in the afternoon, after the inauguration of SUU's new president Scott L. Wyatt and Saturday we go all day!

By the end of this 3 day immersion into guitar you will have...

  • Become  comfortable jamming with others

  • Learned  the secrets of some of Utah's best guitarists

  • Made valuable connections  with other guitar players in the area

  • Enjoyed  performance opportunities

  • Discovered  how to practice like the virtuoso's (but without the injuries!)

  • Been inspired  and directed to reach new heights in your guitar playing

We are bringing you some of Utah's top guitarists in an up-close and personal atmosphere to educate and inspire you to reach new heights in your guitar playing

Hang out with Mind-Blowing guitarists...

Connect  with guitarists like you...

Learn their Secrets...

and Open New Possibilities to your guitar playing...

Studio Guitarist 30+ years

Clinician Rich Dixon teaches Improvisation

Modern Acoustic Tapper

Video of Clinician Scott Ibex with Antoine Dufour


Clinician Ryan TIlby takes a bass solo on stage with Ryan Shupe & the Rubber Band

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Here's the best part...

Over 12 hours of instruction and inspiration for less than the cost of an hour guitar lesson!

We think it's a No-Brainer too.

Give your guitar playing some steroids

Don't worry, we wont tell

See what people are saying...

“The SUGC provided the inspirational spark I needed to set a course for accelerated learning and skill development.  Thanks so much Tyson for coordinating the convention and bringing together a great team to provide the depth and varied experience needed for such an undertaking.  I certainly plan to attend the 2014 edition as a better and more inspired player.”

-Dave W.  New Harmony, UT

 I feel my understanding of the guitar and my confidence level has improved considerably since the 2013 convention.  The convention was what I needed to jump start my desire to get better.   The workshops helped me gain considerable insight into where I am as a guitar  player, how to improve my study techniques, and how to set obtainable goals.  The concerts were just plain fun!  It was great to hear the “teachers” in action and nothing beats live music.   I would recommend the convention to literally anyone at any level who has an interest in guitar.  If one is a beginner, the convention should motivate the new player to dig in and get serious.  For more advanced players, the convention always provides something to aspire to.  Plus the experience is immersive and it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of having all those guitar players in one place.

-Jack C., New Harmony, UT

Support the arts by donating to this event.  Your donations are greatly appreciated and go to help pay for clinician expenses, facility rental, attendee materials and other expenses.

We would like to give a BIG thank you to the Cedar City Arts Council for awarding the Southern Utah Guitar Convention a $250 grant!

September 11th, 12th & 13th